Style of Buffalo Mod by Mojo

by: Mojo


- SUS 304

- 22mm

- comes with 18650 tube

- 18350: 62mm, 18490/18500: 75mm, 18650: 91mm

- Easily and almost perfect controlling the air-flow ring attached to the cop tap

- Reversal threads locking ring

- Whatever atty you put on, it's very easy to line the logos of the atty and the mod

- Versatile center post - once you adjust the contact of the battery, you don't need to fit with the atty

- Laser engraving - the front and the bottom / MCT machining engraving - the back

- Minute vent gas from the battery is done through ONLY the bottom part (FYI, even though almost existing mods have their own vent hole the minute vent gas from the battery could be exhaled)

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