January 15, 2014

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How do I prime a cartomizer before first use/using?

Always remember not to allow a cartomizer burn dry. You must prime before using.


What is priming a cartomizer?

A cartomizer contains a burning wick and cotton. When e-liquid/juice is absorbed into the cotton, the wick heats up and burns the liquid soaked in the cotton. If the cotton is not wet before first using, the wick will burn the cotton and make a very bad taste. It is very hard to fix and so usually the cartomizer is simply thrown away. Luckily they are not expensive so you will have a few to practice.


How do you prime a cartomizer?

One method is to put e-liquid in the cartomizer and let it sit for 30 minutes so the cotton has time to absorb.

A faster method is to put a few drops of e-liquid on the top, let it sit for a few seconds, and blow from the top to the bottom. Put a napkin on the bottom of the cartomizer so it doesn't drip. If you see e-liquid on the bottom, that means the cartomizer is been completely primed. If not, put a few more drops and blow again. One there's some e-liquid on the bottom napkin, you know it has been completely primed.

This is also another method: