Breezy (tropical fruits menthol) by Thot Juice

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When THOT created Breezy, they had one word as an inspiration: tropical. Pineapples, mangos, coconuts: delicious, somewhat common flavors, to be sure. But don’t forget pomegranates, papayas, and starfruit: less well known but just as tasty. A quick search finds other, slightly more obscure fruits, like mangosteen, durian, and persimmon, are also exotic fruits that are packed full of taste. Tropical fruit has a reputation for being flavorful; THOT’s Breezy juice strives to combine these flavors in a powerful e-juice that’s sure to please everyone. It’s like drinking a fruity cocktail out of a coconut shell while you sit on a warm beach. And with added menthol, this juice has a chilled-drink quality, just like your favorite blended drink.


Made in California

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